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As one of Bali most prestigious resorts, Alila Villas Uluwatu offers a dining experiences. Located in secluded area at the south of Bali, facing the beauty of Indian Ocean with nothing obstruct the view. Alila offers you 2 type of Dining at their two different restaurant, The Warung and Cire.

The warung presents wholesome traditional Indonesian and Balinese cuisine. Cire, presenting a completely revitalised menu that marries East Asian flavours and ingredients with western cooking techniques. Alongside it's a la carte menu, Cire also features daily changing 4 course menu. With the new concept dining concept, Alila is working with Stephane Simond as Executive Chef.

For more casual dining, you can try The Warung. Offers you Indonesian food from Indonesian archipelago, Java, Sulawesi, and Bali. For starter we tried Ayam Sambel Matah (100k) It is a shredded chicken with shallot and lemongrass dressing. It was delicious. The chicken is moist with right amount of spices. I was worried with the after taste, since it using raw shallot. But it turns out good, no smelly breath after. 

As for main course, we tried some of their menu. First we have Siap Base Kalas (165k). It's a chicken marinated in spices and coconut milk. Is a home brew of simmered chicken parts (thighs and legs), chicken spice paste, lemongrass, salam leaf, kaffir lime leaf, coconut cream, chicken stock, black peppercorns and shallots. The coconut milk is very condensed rich of flavor. The chicken meat also very tender. 

We also have Babi Panggang (220k). It's a grilled pork ribs with balinese sauce and spices. A lil bit spicy but very addictive. Soft texture, easily cut ribs, and rich flavor of spices are a perfect combination. They pairing it with stir fried morning glory, which was excellent too. 

Then we tried Sate Campur (135k). It is a mixed of beef, chicken, and fish satay. It served with a very nice peanut sauce, vegetables salad, and lontong (rice cake) all the satay are served on mini barbecue pot to keep it warm and different experience of dining.

For every time you dine here, they will provide you with complimentary shrimp crackers, opak, and 12 other condiments such as red sambal, green sambal, sambal terasi, pineapple sambal, sambal matah, soy sauce, spicy soy sauce, pickles, srundeng (sautéed grated coconut left offer from making coconut milk), etc.

In the desert lists, you can find a lot of things. From traditional cakes, fruit platter, traditional fruit soup, and ice cream. Here we have Godoh & Pisang Rai (70k). It's a fried and steamed banana with liquid brown sugar on top of it. 

Besides the warung, Alila Uluwatu also has another restaurant called Cire. If Warung serve indonesian food, Cire is serve you with east asian and western menus. Cire is more for fine dining experience. 

Before the starters come, they'll give us complimentary bread & appetizer of the day. For starters, we chose Hamachi & Tiger Prawns (175k). The crunchy fried prawn served with green peas, apple granny smith and orange chili dressing. 

At Cire in order to experience the menu, they created a choice of smaller sized portions, which indicated in the menu as TASTE. The DINE option serves us the usual size of starters or main course.

For main course we chose Sous Vide Chicken Breast and Cumin (220k). The chicken breast are very soft and moist. It served with caramelized onions and roasted pumpkin. 

We also having Seared Wagyu Beef Striploin (395k). You can choose your own beef preferences, well done, medium, or medium rare. It served with granola crust, sour beetroot, and spiced youghurt. 

For desert we are having Ubud Dark Chocolate Fondant (110k). Served in warm temperature, the fondant is completely well melted inside your mouth. The chocolate it self is not too sweet or bitter. It came along with Mandarin orange sorbet.

We also tried Cire Valrhona Milk Chocolate Jivara (110k). It's a chocolate crumble with passion fruit, hazelnut, and streusel.

It was a pleasure to have an experience of dining at both of Alila Uluwatu restaurant. Both of the casual and formal dining, indonesian and western food. And both are definitely have it's own uniqueness.

Location : 
The Warung & Cire
At Alila Villas Uluwatu
Jl. Belimbing Sari Banjar Tambiyak, Pecatu
Ph. 62 361 8482166
Reservation. Uluwatu@alilahotels.com

Open Hours :
The Warung 
10.00 - 23.00

06.30 - 23.00

Price range :
100k - 420k
Average spending :
300k - 500k

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