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Even this is not a new restaurant, but Cafe Bali is definitely a must visit place to eat in Bali. Located in Jalan Kayu Aya Seminyak, Cafe Bali looks like a simple cafe from the outside housed in a white Joglo. But when you get inside, it's pretty amazing. The interior is pretty and homey supported by a good lighting. With a lot of chandeliers, vintage chairs, sofa, white lace tablecloths, vintage mirrors, and flowers & candles for table decoration its all makes this restaurant more prettier. They also have a big table with colorful beanbag on the back near a small pool. The menu is a mix between European and Asian cuisine, which it'll be covered everyone's taste. 

We had a chance to met with the owner, Annelies, she's very friendly and taking care this restaurant really good. All the staff are also nice and will help you all the time since you're arrive. Cafe Bali is a best stop around the area, since it surround by many shops and boutiques, you'll be exhausted by all the shopping things. 

Small pool on the back of the restaurant

Salmon Steak (120k)

Salmon Steak (120k)
The Menu is a mix between European and Asian cuisine with an affordable price. With a huge range of food selections, if you came with a group of friends, it'll covered everyone's taste and preferences. 

From their main menu, we tried Salmon Steak (120k). Is a pan fried salmon in tangy butter sauce served with steamed spinach and mashed potato. We think we do not need to describe it too much. Since the picture already tells you everything! The salmon was perfectly cooked. We request to have it medium cooked. Love to see the pinky fresh colour and the skin was so crispy, if you wanna have fish here, this Salmon Steak is a great option and you would like too.

Salmon Linguine (108k)

Salmon Linguine (108k)
Our visit here is all about salmon. Still from their choice of salmons, we have Salmon Linguine (108k). With Al dente Pastas, they cooked the salmon with dill and cream sauce. The portion is quite big and definitely satisfied your tummy. And the amount of salmon in this pasta is unbelievably quite a lot, so it's worth the price. The cream sauce itself is nice, not to creamy and won't get you nauseated.

Toblerone Chocolate Nem (35k)
We are a huge fan of sweets and we heard that Cafe Bali is very recommended for its desserts. if you are too, you're in for a treat! We really enjoying the desserts in here. Maybe they have the same manu like other restaurant, but the result is definitely different with other place. One of the favorite from Cafe Bali is Toblerone Chocolate Nem (35k). It looks like a spring roll. They put toblerone caramel inside and fried it with butter. No oily taste. So when you bite it, the hot melting toblerone with the crunchy skin is melted so much boozy goodness in your mouth. Definitely we will be back to have this again!

Moelleux Chocolate (35k)

We also tried one of their best, Moelleux Chocolate (35k) It's sort of lava cake, with not too sweet and bitter chocolate. Served while still hot, so when you cut it the inside will melt out

For beverages, they have great selections of drinks as well. They don't put sugar on their Healthy Juice (35k) or you can get milkshakes for only 30k. They also have selections of cocktails (80k-110k) and wines and they also have bar.

We were happy with our visits here. And definitely will come back again :)

Location :
Cafe Bali
Jl. Kayu Aya, Seminyak
Ph. 62 361 736 484

Price Range :
30k - 138k
Average Price :

 Location Map :

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