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Some people said life begins after coffee. Seniman Coffee is the right choice to have a coffee if you are in Ubud area for it's unique place and serving. Seniman Coffee Studio is The Original Speacialty Coffee & design studio. All their beans is specialty grade and roasted by themselves. So, if you really love coffee, try seniman coffee.

More than just a 'cafe' they proud to be within Indonesia, they love design their menu around origins of the country. A lot people like domestic coffees' origin, like from Papua, Sulawesi, Java, Sumatra and of course Bali. For this bright day we have ice cafe latte (30k) and ice matcha latte (30k) we love their servingware, unique design! They served every coffee with traditional cake (this time is nagasari) which already include in the package of coffee. Since We love dessert, we also tried berry pannacotta (25k) soft texture with fresh fruit.

Seniman Coffee is an Artfull place to hang out with best coffee in town!

Location :
Seniman Coffee Studio
Jl Sriwedari No. 5
P. 62812 360 76640

Open hours :
08.00 - 19.00

Price range :
5k - 50k
Average spending :

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