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 photos credit : Crab Bar

Last night we had a chance to try Crab Bar Bali. Crab Bar is Louisiana-inspired seafood. Located in the heart of Batu Belig, Seminyak. The cuisine is mixed of Country style Cajun seafood. Crab Bar is owned by Indonesian Celebrity Chef, Ragil Imam, which we had a chance last night to met him in person. The uniqueness of Crab Bar is all dishes serve directly on the table and eat it with your bare hands to get the maximum pleasure & experience.

Entering the Crab Bar you'll be welcomed by nautical-inspired atmosphere and relaxing ambience. They also provided you with ping pong table game-set on the corner of the house. The hi-light of their main menu is US Dungeness Crab (150k/100gr), Mud Crab (55k/100ge), King crab leg (220k/100gr), and their most favorite is CB's Hot Bag (495k). 

Last night we tried their CB's hot Bag As you can see on the pict, it consist of 500g of Mud Crab, 150g Prawn, 200g Yabbies/Clams, corns, and sausages. It can served for 3-4 pax. You can choose one from their 6 choices of sauces. CB's Bali Sauce, Bangka Curry Sauce, Chili Sauce, Teriyaki Black pepper, Garlic butter, and smoked Cajun butter. We had a chance to try two kind of their sauce, CB's Bali and Smoked Cajun. Both dishes is so yummy and fresh.

The uniqueness of this restaurant is they serve the food on the table. Yes, literally on the table. they don't use and plates. First their staff will cover your table with some clean plastic, then they will put your order on the table, and give you some tools to crack the crabs. You also have to use a plastic apron they also provided it on the table. And be prepared to get messy :)

Chef Ragil, the owner chef, also explained how they always maintain the freshness of the crabs, even for the imported . They always manage to cooked it first before freeze it. So they can keep the freshness and always maintain the good taste.

They also have several of side dishes, such as mantau (fried or steamed). You can eat the mantau (20k) with your crab's sauce or just it it separately. We also tried their beef bruschetta. They serve it with a soft bread and tasty beef and a lil bit of mayo for the topping. They also have boiled or fried corn, butter rice, cajun or original potatoes fries, and beef chorizo sausages

Besides that, Crab Bar also have starters such as salads, mushroom crab balls, calamari strips, etc. And if you can't eat seafod, you can also have their off the water menu such as beef sandwich, beef ribs, and cheesy chicken

For beverages, their signature beer sangria it's good to soothe down your taste bud after the hot and spicy seafood and their lemonade is a go to choices for you who don't drinks alcohol.So if you are up to try new experience in eating crab, just go try Crab Bar Bali.

Location : Crab BarJl. Batu Belig 106 Seminyak Ph. 62 361 8499316 www.crabbar-bali.com

Open hours :11.00 - 23.00

 Price range :95k - 495kAverage spending :250k - 300k

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