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We went to Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort tried their weekend brunch a la fran├žaise. As a new property, Sofitel is like a new gem in Nusa Dua area. With Denton Corker Marshall (DCM) as the architect the property is look very dashing. The brunch it self located at one of their restaurant called Cut Catch Cucina. The package start from 399k to 1299k (before taxes). 

For starters, they have selections of salads, from gourmande or beetroot gourmand and smoked duck salads, or you can make and mix your own salad. Move to the waffle sections. They made wafle on the spot to keep it warm. The waffle it self is very moist and soft. As they served it with varieties of toppings such as avocado, cheese, eggs, and anything else you name it. 

The centerpiece table is piled with choices of cheese, antipasti, sushi and sashimi, In the culinary arts, the term en croute (pronounce "on kroot") indicates a foot that has been wraped in pastry dough and then baked in the oven. The have duck encroute, they make a texture of duck very soft and perfect with the puff pastry. also they served mushroom & redbean bordelaise, makes a delicious accompaniment to a traditional steak. The mushroom just melt in your mouth. Wonderful taste.

Cut Catch Cucina is came from their 3 sections of the restaurant. "Cut" is for the steak house, "Catch" is for their seafood market-style theme, and "Cucina" is for their Italian selections. The Cut (steakhouse) offers you premium meats such as wagyu, angus, and kurobuta. The ready served meats are grilled beef, lambs, fish, duck, and pork. If that doesn't please enough your appetite, you can order from the show kitchen your own steak such as sirloin, tenderloin, or lamb chop with your preferable level of cook. You can pair your choice of meat with some sauteed veggies, sauces, and kebab

The Catch, offer you fresh of local seafood, grilled or snacked. From prawn, crabs, clams, lobster and else. Just choose whatever you want. The grilled seafood itself is excellent, really fulfill our palate. The grill sauce is very rich (not that just barbecue taste). With a fresh seafoods, it resulting in juicy and mouth watering dishes. 

Cucina,  from pastas to pizza. Freshly cooked, you just need to ask to the cook what kind of pastas do you want. In this picture we have spaghetti carbonara with chicken. Combination of creamy sauce and al dente pasta is absolutely perfect. 

Time for dessert! Cut Catch Cuccina have a lot sweet treat for you. Like creame brulee, tiramisu, cheese cake, chocolate cake, cream puff, also authentic french meringues. Meringue is dessert made from whipped egg whites and sugar. Milk chocolate truffles, crispy corn flakes and all candy in drawer like heaven! Sweet tooth is a must after a big brunch

With great foods, nice and helpful staffs, Sofitel Bali brunch is match with our expectation. Sofitel weekend brunch includes free flow non alcoholic beverages (399k). If you prefer with wine, wine, cocktails or champagne, you have the option to upgrade it (599k - 1299k). Free for kids below 12 years olf. start from 11am - 3pm the package also come with free access to the resort pool & live jazz. 

A perfect place to spend it with your family and friends. 

Location :
Cut Catch Cucina
At Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort
BTDC area Nusa Dua
Ph. 62 361 8492888
Reservation. H9078-FB11@sofitel.com 

Price range :
399k - 1299k 
Average spending :

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