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Dijon Bali located in the center between Kuta an Seminyak area, near Simpang Siur and big statue of Dewa Ruci. Dijon is a good spot you can have for lunch. We tried some of their menu. First we have salad with their famous yummy dressing like at our called Dijon Chef Salad (60k). It consists of fresh lettuce,baked chicken and salami with boiled egg. Pairing with watermelon juice (25k) which was excelent too. They didn't added sugar and all juices is from fresh fruit. Healthy meal in a generous portion.

In the menu we saw chef's choice menu, one of them is Ravioli Stuffed with Roasted Chicken (65k). We definitely love it, chef! Al dente ravioli cooked with chunky tomato sauce and at the top rocket also thin sliced cheese. Worth the price!

And for desesrt, as we know Dijon have the best carrot cake. But instead we tried Lemon Oatmeal Bar (20k) and Hot Chocolate (22k) for best closing at Sunday lunch. The oatmeal bar not too sweet and crunchy with something caramel and sour from lemon taste, nice and we love it.

Location :Dijon BaliJl. Setiabudi, Kuta Poleng Mall,Kuta

Open hours :Monday - Saturday9:00 am - 9:00 pmSunday10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Price range :15k - 145kAverage spending :


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