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As the island grows, many new properties are pop up and give a new color to this island. One of them is Double Six Luxury Hotel. Located beach-front at Double Six beach, Seminyak. One of their interesting venue, which recently open on August 17, is Double-Six Rooftop as one of new drinks destinations. 15meters above sea level, with magnificent views of Double-Six Beach. The place itself was designed by Fredo Taffin from Espace Concept and HC2 Architecture, and managed by Robert Marchetti. Their main theme for the interior is pineapple, from the table, cushion, even the napkins.

Their most wanted and best spot to watch sunset is this round semi floating sofa. Which can accommodate up to 10 persons. (minimum purchase 1mil for front row seat like this.

Besides drinks, Double-Six Rooftop also have list of foods. Here we have potatoes "3 of a kind" (70k) consist of 3 different kind of fries, and 3 different sauces. And we also have "Japanese Crumbed Lemon Chicken" (120k) the portion is very big, you can share it with 2 of your friends. The staffs are nice and friendly. Here you can have good drinks, good foods, and good views.

Location :
Double-Six Rooftop

Double Six Beach no. 66,

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