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Congratulation Hakata Ikkousha Ramen for grand opening lastnight, 1st shop in Bali "Ikkousha" means "one happy place", and it reflects the simple and hearfelt motto of Chef Kousuke Yoshimura, the young founder of Hakata Ikkousha Ramen. This little space is cozy for dine in, it approximately seats about 60 pax. We tried some of their menu. first we have is chicken ramen special (66k) with their basic broth and the meat they call it chasu. The chasu at ikkousha is deliberately thinly sliced, so you can taste richness of the broth, they also have perfect half boiled egg the taste completely so good! One of the best!

The difference between other Hakata Ikkousha branch in Indonesia, in Bali they have pork in the menu. On chef recomendation is Pork Ramen Special (66k). At the table they serve additional chili and onion you can add as you like. For the drink they have ice or hot tea and ocha (11k), lemon tea (15k), milo (15k) or mango juice (15k) but for juice not fresh juice. Since we came on the first day of the opening, the shop is very full guest, we need to queuing for almost 1 hour before we got the table, but worth to wait they have a good service too, all staff very helpfull and caring.

For spicy lover, they have Red Dragon Ramen (69k) a spicy chicken ramen with minced chicken meet look even more fiery as you think, but not spicy at all. You also can choose different kind of noodle for your ramen. For ramen side dish they have chicken grilled gyoza (31k) the common accompaniment to ramen. The skin is thin and just lightly charred at the bottom. Another menu, they also serve kari rice (Japanese style) and katsu. Over all.

Hakata Ikkousha is the real deal

Location :
Hakata Ikkousha Ramen
Jl Sunset Road 225x

Open hours :
09.00 - 22.00

Price range :
10k - 80k
Average spending :

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