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Kat's kitchen is easy to find as they are on the tourists road. The menu is 100% Thai menu with the descriptions of ingredients and a photograph of the dish (since they are using local thai name in the menu, so it's very helpful). Here we tried Gradook Moo Thawt (49k). It's a deep fried pork ribs with pepper, garlic, and chili sauce. Served with rice. The portion are generous and reasonably priced. 

If you just here for snacking. They also have side dishes menu. Here we have Paw Pia Sot (29k). It's a fresh spring roll with prawn, glass noodles, coriander, spring onion, mint leaves on the inside. And they served it with sweet chili sauce. Or you can try their"Money Bag" (29k) It's a deep fried, minced chicken wrapped in wontons and served with sweet chili sauce. Somehow it remind us with Indian Samosas.

Last but not least, there's no Thai food without this famous thai dessert, Mango sticky rice (27k). In Thai, they called it Khao Niaow Ma Muang (khao Niaow means sticky rice, muang means mango) . It's a sticky rice (glutinous rice) with coconut milk sauce and ripe mango. Very scrumptious and refreshing. The service at Kat's Kitchen was just OK. But it still a good place to cure your craving for thai food without the cost of flying to Bangkok.

Location :
Kat's Kitchen Jimbaran
Jl. Uluwatu II no.2
62 361 2728600 

Kat's Kitchen Ungasan
Jl. Uluwatu I no.132

Open hours :
08.00 - 21.30

Price range :
20k - 64k
Average spending :

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