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Calling you all spicy food lover! If you dare enough, go try @kobermiesetanbali. They serve you noodles with many levels of spicy-ness. They have mie iblis (10k) with 3 different levels; S (5chilies), M (10chilies), and L (15chilies) Beside mie iblis, they also have mie setan (9k) with 5 different levels. Level 1 is with 12 chilies. And the most amazingly is level 5 with 60 chilies. Here we have mie iblis level S. It was served with crush nuts on top of it, fried sausage, and fried shumai. It's already spicy for us emoji. So, if you dare, try this devil's noodles. And beware of the long queue since this place is so happening for the locals.

Besides those spicy noodles, they also served dimsum. The price is very affordable, only 9k each box. They have 10 different kind of dim sum. Here we have steamed hakau, shrimp roll, and fung zao (chicken feet).

They also quite unique in naming their beverages. They are using name of Indonesian ghosts. It's a lil bit troublesome since you have to ask what it is. Here we have es genderuwo (9k), es pocong (9k), and es kuntilanak (8.5k). Es pocong is mix of lychee syrup and jelly balls and es kuntilanak is mix of tea and strawberry. We guess the drinks are designed to neutralized your appetite after eating that devil's noodles.

Location :
Kober Mie Setan Bali
Jl. Bedugul 37A
(Besides Undiknas University)
Ph. 62 818 553 847

Open hours :
13.00 - 23.00

Price range :
9k - 10k
Average spending :

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