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 With a rustic atmosphere as their interior theme, @manifesto_bali is providing you a cozy, comfort, reasonable price coffee shop. Located in one of busy road in Denpasar, you can easily spot this 2 stories small cafe. For beverages lists, they serve from coffee, latte, frappe, tea, mocktail, beers, to soft drink. Snacking is a must when you're in a cafe. They have salad and bites size menu such as nachos, fries, etc. For you whom hungry, they also serve normal portion food such as burgers, pasta, and steak. Here we have nachos (25k) and bruschetta (25k). The price is quite affordable even for students. On the pict we also have Manifesto Signature Matcha Latte (25k) and Green Tea Frappe (25k).

We can tell you that manifesto is also an instagram-worthy place. With it's rustic interior and many murals. The kitchen itself is very unique, u see the orange container on the pict, behind it is their kitchen and office. In the first floor you'll only see two-seater table. If you need bigger table, you can go upstairs to the second floor. 

Location :
Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 226 B
(Behind Circle K)

Open hours :
10.00 - 00.00

Price range :
8k - 35k
Average spending :
50k or 25k (drink only)

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