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Moonlite Kitchen and Bar (previously SOS Bar and Grill) located in the heart of Seminyak. It offers you rooftop experiences with panoramic Indian Ocean views and a perfect sunset. You can relax while try their selection of traditional, classic and modern beverages including cocktails and wine list. For the food, cooked in the open kitchen, Moonlite offers you modern Asian cuisine. They also provide live music from 6.30pm to 9.30pm This restaurant will be officially open this Saturday, 7 february 2015. But they already open their door from now.

What's a better a companion while watching sunset than a refreshing drinks? Here we tried apple mint squash (65k) and Passionata (65k). Passionata is a mix of strawberry and passion fruit. While you maybe already guess for the other one. Yes! It is a mix of apple, mint leaves, and sparkling water. For you who prefer to have cocktails, wine or other drinks, you can check from their beverages list.

For food, we tried two of their menus. You can choose from they lists. They categorize the food to make it easier for you such as teasers, meat, seafood, vegetarian & sides, also dessert. Here we have Pineapple Fried Rice (135k) it served with crispy duck, curry powder and cashews. Somehow it remind us with the taste of Indian biryani. But here, with the use of pineapple, it gives taste in the rice, the richness of South East Asian cuisine.

Next we have Crispy Roasted Pork (125k). It cooked with pineapple, capsicum, and Calamansi-Soy caramel. It was sweet and succulent at the same time. The good thing about Moonlite is you can choose some of the menu and you can share it with your companion. So you can taste not just one dish.

The services was also nice here at Moonlite. All the staff are taking care all of your need. This place is a good choices for you who wants to sunset-ing or dine in. 

Location :
Moonlite Kitchen and Bar
At Anantara Resort Seminyak Rooftop
Jl. Abimanyu (Dhyana Pura)
62 361 737755

Open hours :
16.00 - 23.00

Price range :
35k - 295k
Average spending :
150 - 200k

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