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Dropped in for lunch. Small cute restaurant in the heart of Seminyak called Rolling Fork. Enjoy home made delicious authentic Italian foods. Ps. If you bring a car, better you find a parking lot near Bali Deli or Prana.
The place is tiny but worth the visit. It's not much to look from the outside, but when you get inside, you'll find cute interior with faux antique stuff such as cutlery and silverware. As we can tell you this place is "pinterestable" Last but not least, the staffs are friendly too.

First we have "Filetto di Manzo" (120k). Consist of 180gr prime beef fillet served with mashed potatoes, black pepper and grilled vegetables. The unique part about this dish is on the grilled vegetables. It was made from zucchini, eggplant, and banana skin. Yes banana skin. Weird at first but turned out it taste good. Careful, servings are big!

We also have fettuccine bolognese (75k) which was really nice and come in big portions too!. Rolling forks also serves you home made pasta. So it all come fresh from the kitchen. We also heard that many reviews from Italian foreigners said their pasta is very authentic compared to what they have in their hometown. So lets try!
Location :
Rolling Fork
Jl. Kunti 1, 6a 

Open Hours :
08.30 - 23.00

Price Range :
45k - 120k
Average spending :

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