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Located in the prime area, Tanjung Benoa. This beachfront fine-dining restaurant is specializes in french cuisine. They serve lunch and dinner, both indoor or alfresco dining. Sakala Bali also facilitated with swimming pool facing the south sea of bali which all guest can use it. It makes them also have sunset tapas bar, which best for you to have for sunset time. open since 3 years ago, Sakala is a leading fine dining venue around the area of Tanjung Benoa. They also nominated as the number 1 restaurant around Tanjung Benoa Restaurant by Tripadvisor.Besides a fine-dining restaurant, Sakala is also can be use as a wedding venue. It's also a perfect place to have a romantic dinner.

Salak Bali (130k), Chili Chocolate (130k), Flamingo (60k), Complimentart bread basket.

Complimantary tapas.

We came around dinner time and tried several dishes from entree, main, and deserts lists. At our arrival, the host give us a refreshment towel with 3 kinds of flavour which you can choose.then after ordered what we would like to have, Sakala serves us with complimentary bread basket and tapas. they served us with skewers shrimp, salmon, and tuna tataki.

From the beverages lists, they have a lot of choices of wine list (mostly imported wine). On the pict is Sakala's signature, Salak Bali cocktails (130k), Chili Chocolate cocktails (130k) and Flamengo mocktails (60k). Salak Bali is a a combination of Salak infused vodka, Grand Marnier, cranberry juice, and home made salak puree. Chili Chocolate is a combination of chili infused Vodka with brown cacao and chocolate sauce. And Flamengo is a combination of strawberry fruit, mango fruit, pinapple fruit, pinapple juice and homemade syrup.If you want some refreshing their have a good for mocktails, but if you need a some unique cocktails try the sakala signature salak bali.

Royal Prawn (148k)

Pan-Fried Foie Gras (148k)

For entree we have Royal Prawn (148k). It's a 150grams of char-grilled jumbo prawn from Papouasie with Espelette pepper fennel salad and orange-passion fruit emulsion scented with Balinese Vanilla. The prawn is fresh and has a soft texture added with the orange-passion fruit emulsion is very fresh and awaken your appetite. While the food presentation is very exquisite.

still from the entree list, we have Pan-Fried Foie Gras (148k). It's a 60 grams of foie gras, pan-fried, and served above housemade brioche, then added with caramelized almonds, gillotes cherry sauce and arugula on top of it. The foie gras was soft and the taste was so delicate and unique. The sauce is both sweet and sour at the same time, which really great pairing for foie gras.

Tasmanian Salmon (198k)

Duck & Foie Gras (298k)

Tokusen Wagyu Beef Fillet (398k)

Move along to the main course lists, what we have is Tasmanian Salmon (198k). It is a slow-cooked salmon with endive and oyster mushroom, zucchini veloute, broad beans, young potato, arugula, vine-ripened tomato and orange-balsamic vinegar.

We also ask for their recommendation for what we should have. Then they told us to have this Duck & Foie Gras (298k) that's roasted breast and confit leg served with foie gras crust and terrine cabbage, Dupuy lentils and organic vegetables from Bedugul Grape, Cognac & Balinese pepper sauce. We like the combination of Balinese ingridients with the soft foie gras crust, rich in your mouth.

We also have Tokusen Wagyu beef fillet (398k). The food presentation is very great. it contains 4 different part of dishes. One is the Wagyu beef itself. Here we ordered for medium-cooked wagyu beef. the beef is very moist and soft texture. it Served with Tawny port cream sauce that added the reachness of the taste. it also served with root vegetables gratin, braised knuckle, parsnip & truffle mousseline, with organic mushroom and glazed shallots.

We also have a chance to met with the sous-chef, Chef Mitsuaki.

And for vegetarian, they also have a different lists of vegetarian menu.

Cognac (88k)

Oasis (88k)

Chocolate (108k)

It's time for desserts. The desserts menu is very arousing. first we have Cognac (88k). it's a parfait glace with praline paste, premium cognac, and caramelized hazelnuts and crispy romia. It's really sooth our palate after that much of main course. It's creamy and melted once you put it inside your mouth. 

Like Sakala's slogan "Is it food, or Is it art?", all of the presentation of the food is really pretty, especially for this one. it's hard for us to break the food and eat it. 

Want some fresh and sour dessert? You should try Oasis (88k) The mangosteen, mango, snake fruit and mandarin served with sorbets, honey yogurt “spherification”, coconut mousse and sliced almonds. The combination of magosteen and sanke fruit sorbets make the taste is so good. And you will taste how the tropical fruit and coconut mousse mix in your mouth, feel light and fresh with crunchy from almonds sliced.

And last but not least, we have Chocolate (108k). if you're a fan of chocolate, you should try this. it's a 8 different kind of chocolates made from "Valrhona Grand Cru chocolate" which 70% bitter. In here you can find bitter, sweet, and sour taste at the same time. From macaron, chocolate mousse, ice cream, and chocolate cake. Our favorite is the Chocolate mousse. it's very soft and yummy.

Sous Chef Mitsuaki

The two words that first come out when you heard about fine-dining are "small and expensive". But here in Sakala, we experienced that fine-dining doesn't always to be like that stigma.

Location :
Jl. Pratama 88, Tanjung Benoa
Nusa Dua
Ph. 62 361 774 499

Open Hours :
11.00am - 11.00pm

Price Range :
88k - 398k
Average Spending :
600k - 700k (3 course meals)

Location Map :

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