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Cute little place at Oberoi area. For those who love taking picture (or in this case, instagram-ing) must be love sea circus. Playfull color interior and mural. It's a Lovely hang out place and it came with good music selections.

For your hang out companion you can order beer battered fish & chip (70k). Simple light meals, fresh fish with tartare did. For refreshment they have blended juices, as in the picture above is granny smith (40k) it's a mix of apple, mint & lime as granita (frappĂ©). 

A lot people talking about Sea circus's tacos, we tried grilled chicken taco (70k for 1 pair) they make good combination of fresh veggie and crusty. The good thing about Sea Circus is the big portions, you can share it with your companions.

Location :
Sea Circus
Jl Kayu Aya No. 22 (Oberoi)
Phone : 62 361 738667

Open hours :
08.00 - 22.30

Price range :
18k - 425k
Average spending :

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