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The Holy Crab is finally open in Bali. Under the company of Erson Foods, this is their first branch outside Jakarta after they first open in Jakarta on 2014. The Holy Crab is known for their Louisiana inspired seafood restaurant. This two stories restaurant is officially open on 15 January 2015 at Petitenget area, With that prime location, The Holy Crab Bali is can easily reached by tourists or locals.

Most people already knew their excellency in crab bussines, you don't have to worry. You're in good hands. With their friendly staff, they are ready to help you any time. If you're the first-timers, they will help you to choose what's best and what's most recommended. You must be wondering what's the difference between Jakarta and Bali branches. The difference is, in Bali, they have a bar here. And that's also make a slightly bit different on the menu. They also serve smaller & simple menu they called it bar snacks because it's easier to eat it on the bar. Some of the dishes are crab roll and lobster roll.

The Holy Crab is the first restaurant in Indonesia who brings new experience of eating, using your bare hands and without any plates. They serve the food directly on the table which they covered by a disposable big paper. They will give you disposable aprons to keep your clothes free from any stains, and give eating tools such as scissors and crab crackers.

They also served imported seafood choices such as Dungeness Crab, King Crab legs, Snow Crab legs, and Lobster (for the imported seafood, prices are subject to change due to availability). From the local seafood lists you can try such as mud crab (45k), crawfish (40k), shrimps (28k), clams (20k), all prices are per 100g and usually they serve it in 500gr each type of seafood.

They have two types of sauce, garlic pepper and original Cajun sauce. For Cajun sauce you can choose your level of spiciness. Holy moly is their spiciest sauce. If you like spicy food, it's definitely recommended. Besides the main menu, they also offered snacks and side dishes. Our favourite are crispy fish finger (60k), crispy chicken strips (45k), sweet corn (20k), Cajun fries (25k), etc.

We loved how the sauce are perfectly blend with the seafood and when it melted in our mouth, it definitely gave us an addiction. It's like once you tasted it, you'll craving for more.

Albert Wijaya, the Owner and Executive Chef, told that "The combination of world-class seafood cooked with Louisiana standards and methods, plus comfortable and unique atmosphere, is the power of The Holy Crab in improving seafood dining experience here. With affordable prices, our mainstay menu can be enjoyed by all families".

From beverages list, The Holy Crab has their signature cocktails (95k-110k) and mocktails (45k). They also offer a free flow package for soda, iced tea, and lemonade (25k).  They also have beers, juices, coffee, wine, and liquors. We tried La Bamba Mocktails and Holy Summer mocktails. La bamba is made from combination of fresh cucumber, pineapple, lime, and syrup. As for Holy Summer, it's a combination of kiwi and lychee. Both drinks are very refreshing and soothing your palate after that delicious amount of seafood sauces.

For you who like instagraming, The Holy Crab Bali is like a heaven for you. There's a lot of spot that you can use as your photo backdrop. We must say it's quite interesting. Even the washing outlet is also interesting. The second stories is not yet open, but they are planning to open it next month. Other things that we found it quite interesting is they also provide tongsis (selfie stick) for the customer to borrow, in case that we forgot to bring ours.

For you who plan to visit The Holy Crab bali, we recommend you to make a reservations first, especially on the weekend. The Holy Crab Bali is definitely a great choices of place to eat Louisiana seafood style and a great place to gather with your families and friends. As what Chef Albert Wijaya said earlier, good foods, good places, and good services are the perfect combination that a restaurant should have.

Location : 
The Holy Crab
Jl. Petitenget no.50
Ph. 62 361 4741391
Reservation : 62 819 0122 2722

Open hours :
17.00 - 22.00
Bar until 00.00

Price range :
25k - 225k
Average spending :

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