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We spent our christmas day eating seafood at Warung Ongan Asri Located in the center of Denpasar, so if you crave for seafood you don't have to drive down to Jimbaran Beach. They have shrimp, clamps, squid, fish, or chicken. You can have it fried or grilled. For us, we prefer it grilled. They have meals packages start from 40k - 90k for one person. And they also have family package for 5 person (370k), 10 person (730k), 15 person (1100k), 20 person (1450k). All package include rice, veggies, fruit platter, and drinks. Today we tried grilled shrimp, squid, and clamps. We also tried their pepes ikan, plecing kangkung, and serombotan. All food is delicious. Especially the clamps sauce.  Last but not least, you'll get 3 kind of sambals; sambal merah, sambal matah, and sambal kecap.

First we have pepes ikan. It was soft and full of spices. We can taste the lemon basil in the sauce. Perfectly well cooked. It was a good companion to eat with the grilled seafood. For the grilled shrimp, for you who doesn't like to eat with your bare hands, Warung Ongan already split it in half, so it's easy for you to eat and you don't have to worry about the shrimp's skin.

As for beverages, today we tried strawberry smoothies (23k), kelapa muda orange (16k), and the go to Ice tea (8k). A perfect match to sooth down your throat after all that grilled seafood in a hot day.

Even when our tummy are full, there will always be a space for desert. We have banana pancake with ice cream (22k) and pisang kapit with ice cream and caramel sauce (25k). Warung Ongan is a perfect place to hang with families or friends, have lunch or dinner or birthday party. So if you craving for grilled seafood, don't want to go to far, and don't want to go back home with smell like smoked fish, you can try Warung Ongan Asri

Location :
Warung Ongan AsriJl. Noja Saraswati 12A Denpasar
Ph. 62 361 5532053

Price range :
17k - 90k
Average spending :
80k- 100k/pax

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