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Warung Pulau Kelapa is well known as they serves traditional Indonesia food with organic vegetables and fruit and with no MSG. With the old Javanese teak house as the main building that is a perfect setting for an Indonesian Meal. First we have Nasi Kuning (45k). It's a yellow rice surrounded with rich Indonesian dishes which include Banjarnegara fried chicken, mixed vegetable sauté, omelete, perkedel, and sambal goreng kentang. And they topped it with sambal Bajak. They also have for option for vegetarian. The size is perfect, well cooked, and the taste is very Indonesian.

The we also have Nasi Campur (45k). It's a rice with various types of dish; vegetable sauté, coconut beef or traditional fried chicken, chicken egg balado, perkedel, bakwan jagung, sambal goreng udang, & sayur lodeh. It's a perfect choice for you who wants to get a sneak peek of how Indonesian (in here Javanese) culinary taste like

They also have some other menu like soto ayam (45k), opor ayam (45k), pecel blitar (30k), and many more. Here we have ikan sambal woku (55k). Ikan sambal woku is a steamed and mildly fried mahi-mahi fish serve with tupical Manadonese fragrant green chili tomatoes sambal - North Sulawesi Style. 

for side dishes and snacks, they have such as tahu gejrot (25k), dadar guling (15k), kroket (25k), and many more. Here we have tempe mendoan (20k). Each portion contain 3 pieces of tempe mendoan. Tempe mendoan is fried soy bean cake (tempe) marinated with garlic and spring onion. It served with sambal kecap and best eat when still warm

It's always nice to have a desert. We tried Jaja batu bedil (25k). It's a Balinese desert with glutinous rice flour served with grated coconut milk and brown sugar sauce. They also have other Indonesian traditional desert like bubur ketan hitam (25k) it's a boiled black rice porridge served with coconut milk rice and young jackfruit For beverages they also have traditional drinks such as wedang jahe (20k), bir pletok (20k), beras kencur (20k), and kiatna medan (20k). 

With traditional Javanese teak house, Warung Pulau Kelapa is a perfect place to eat traditional Indonesian food. Like in the pict, is our favorite corner inside the joglo. You can eat on the veranda or garden as well. After having your tummy full, you can also have a visit to their organic garden on the back of the restaurant. You can feel the fresh air and balinese rice terrace.

Location :
Warung Pulau Kelapa
Jl. Raya Sangingan

Open hours :
11.30 - 21.00

Price range :
20k - 65k
Average spending :

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