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Tired of fast food and fancy restaurant? Don't worry! Bali has a lot good local food, and of course with local price. Another warung nasi campur (35k) you'll definitely don't want to miss! Warung Satria located in the heart of Denpasar. The place is look quite old but clean. Warung satria has been there more than 20 years. The taste not too strong and spicy as common balinese food. The price is a lil bit expensive if you compare it with other nasi campur stall. Their specialities is a good satay, sweet and tasty. Well, it's a good idea for lunch.

Location :
Warung Satria
Jl. Kedondong 11
Danginpuri Denpasar
62 361 235993

Open hours :
11.00 - 19.00

Price range :
5k - 50k
Average spending :

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