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Copper Kitchen& Bar is a part of Bisma-Eight Hotel, the recently open hotel in the Ubud Area. The grand opening is coming soon. Located in Bisma Street, it will be easy for you to find this hidden gem. Bisma-Eight is not like typical Ubud hotel. I'ts a mix of urban and Balinese ambiance at the same time.

With good food, generous portions, good music and vibes, surrounded by rice fields,  Copper Kitchen & Bar is a perfect place to have a lunch or dinner, or you can have a luncheon or gathering on this place as well.  Having their own organic farm is also a big plus point for this restaurant. The chefs Miles Belfield and Shima Drupadi, with their experiences, will give you a great experience of dining. We tried several menus here. They serve comfort food with their toothsome taste the food is also came in an exquisite presentation. Everything that came to our table is very pretty.

Pecking Duck Salad (65k)

Pecking Duck Salad (65k)

From their appetizer lists is this Pecking Duck Salad (65k) is made with shredded pecking duck, served on top of a crispy bun with poached egg, olives oil, & raspberry vinegar. The pecking duck is very delicate contrast with the crispy bun.

Yellow-Fin Tuna Tartar (65k)

Yellow-Fin Tuna Tartar (65k)

Yellow-Fin Tuna Tartar (65k) is a yellow-fin tuna served with crispy shallots and ponzu sauce. And added with wasabi biscuits. Fresh tuna sashimi mix with sour taste from ponzu sauce is so fresh.

Spicy Thai Salad (60k)

If you like something sour, do try this Spicy Thai Salad (60k) Asian pear, crispy shallots, mint, asparagus in the ingredients. it's a lil bit spicy but very waken your appetite. The good one for starter.

Grilled Calamari (65k)

Still from the appetizer lists, it's a Grilled Calamari (65k) served with green apples, roasted cashew nuts, miso vinaigrette. You can find it interesting when you try the meatballs. when you realized it also made from crushed calamari.

Our favorite is this Pan-Fried Black Pepper Shrimp (70k) served with sun dried pineapple, coconut dressing and Balinese sambal matah. The shrimp is very delicate and fresh and added a little bit sweet from the coconut dressing.


Korean Kal Taco (145k)

Korean Kal Taco (145k)

Move to the main course list, you have to give this Korean Kal Taco (145k) a try. With a soft taco skin added with braised short ribs, kimchi slaw, with barbecue lime and Sriracha sour cream, it's definitely mouth watering dishes. Their make homemade kimchi as well.

Seared Gindara Loin (120k)

Seared Gindara Loin (120k)

Seared Gindara Loin (120k) is  seared Gindara served with thai basil, braised celery, and tomato hollandaise. 

Bisma-Eight Bowl - Slow Cooked Lamb (80k)

From Copper signature menu, they have special menu called Bisma-Eight Bowl. You can choose the topping; tofu & organic roasted vegetables (70k), free-range chili chicken (75k), prawn tempura (90k) or with slow cooked lamb (80k) as shown on the picture. All Bisma-Eight Bowl comes with Tamanishiki rice, sweet corn, radishes, sugar peas, and wasabi.  We are impressed with how the chef processed the lamb, since it doesn't smell & taste like a regular lamb dishes. So it's a safe choice for you who usually don't eat lambs. 

Slow Cooked Beef Penang  (120k)

Still from the main course list, it's a Slow Cooked Beef Penang  (120k). It's a little bit spicy and served with chili peanuts, slated prawns, pickled ginger. Their used good quality imported beef, make the texture of the beef so delicate. 

Mixed Satay Platter (110k) 

Here is Mixed Satay Platter (110k) It is 4 different kind of satay; beef, chicken, fish and tempeh (fermented soybean). It served with peanut sauce, cucumber, crispy shallots, and ketupat. 

Cheese Burger Sliders (110k)

We also have one of chef recomend menu, this Cheese Burger Sliders (110k). This burger is using Black Angus beef, very juicy, no oily taste. it's served with organic tomatos, and chipotle mayonnaise. What's make this burger with other place is they're using ubi fries instead of potato fries.


Warm Salted Chocolate Tart (45k)

This Warm Salted Chocolate Tart (45k) is very great. not too sweet nor bitter. The salted is helping to make it more delicious. This served with olive oil cream. 

Copper's Sorbet : Lemon & Thyme (30k) 

Copper's Sorbet : Cucumber & Mint (30k)

You also should try Copper's Sorbet (30k). Here we tried two of their flavour; Lemon & Thyme and Cucumber and Mint. Very fresh, soothing, and clean your palate. 

They said that they served food for and from the soul, food that embraces the depth of Asian cullinary tradition and the skill and elan of the contemporary kit. We could not agree more

Copper Kitchen & Ba
At Bisma-Eight Hotel Ubud
Jl. Bisma, Ubud
Ph. 62 361 479 2888

Open Hours :
07.00 - 23.00

Price Range :
45k - 350 k
Average Spending :
200k -300k

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