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Located in the Sayan region, Ubud. The Sayan House can be easily accessed by everyone who is going to Ubud. Overlooking the green valley of Ayung River with sunset on the background. It's a perfect atmosphere to have a romantic dinner.

When we enter the restaurant we'll see the kitchen first. Just like the concept of Traditional Balinese architecture, where the kitchen is the main part of the house. Then we entered to the dining area which in semi-open air dining with colorful cushions, chandeliers, and the sound of water feature in their Japanese Zen garden. 

The Sayan House offers you a fusion between Indonesian, western, and Japanese cuisine. They also have Teppanyaki menu. 

For appetizer, we chose one of the most recommended dish, Oriental Chicken Salad (110k). It's The Sayan House's signature salad, braised with anise and cinnamon aroma bouillon, served with a ginger mayonnaise sauce. They use all fresh ingredients. With a good smell and taste can raise your appetite.

Oriental Chicken Salad (110k)

Oriental Chicken Salad (110k)

We also having their Crispy King Prawn & Avocado Rolled Sushi (180k). Consists of 8 rolls of sushi served with sambal matah and chili cream sauce - a touch of Balinese and Mexican spices. 

Crispy King Prawn & Avocado Rolled Sushi (180k)

Crispy King Prawn & Avocado Rolled Sushi (180k)

For Main we have Grilled Salmon in Saikyo Yaki Style (230k). It's marinated overnight in sweet Kyoto-style Saikyo miso, served with a Thai green papaya salad. This is our first experience trying Saikyo style. Interesting!

Grilled Salmon in Saikyo Yaki Style (230k)

Grilled Salmon in Saikyo Yaki Style (230k)

We also having Australian Wagyu Sirloin Steak (380k) it served with freshly grated Wasabi and aging soy sauce. The soy sauce makes this steak different than any other steak. Western and Japanese taste perfectly melted in our palate. For us the portion is good. 

Australian Wagyu Sirloin Steak (380k)

 Freshly grated wasabi in front of you

Still from the main course lists. We have Char-grilled Pork Spare Ribs (190k) deep boiled with star anise, grilled with marinated Balinese spices and BBQ sauce. The spare ribs is very soft and moist. The sauces is a lil bit spicy, but we think it still acceptable for you who can't eat spicy food. 

Char-grilled Pork Spare Ribs (190k)

Char-grilled Pork Spare Ribs (190k)

For desserts, we are having Oma's Apple Pie and Home-made Gelato with Cinnamon Sprinkles (80k). The pie is not too sweet and the Gelato made it more perfect. And we also tried Chocolate Semi Freddo with Santan & Almond Aroma (80k) served with pistachio on top of it. It has so many texture and taste. a little bit salty at first, then you taste sweet, then you taste bitter at the end. The texture is also crunchy on the top, creamy and moist on the inside.

Oma's Apple Pie and Home-made Gelato with Cinnamon Sprinkles (80k)

Chocolate Semi Freddo with Santan & Almond Aroma (80k)

The drinks is also very refreshing. We tried Home-made Ginger ale (55k) and Sayan's Squash (110k) sweet and fresh at the same time. Made from coriander, cucumber, gin, fresh lime, lemongrass syrup, and topped with home-made ginger ale. 

The Sayan House is a perfect choice if you want to find peace, quite and relaxing ambiance accompanied with excellent foods and beverages.

Photo collaboration with Angga Sumantri.

Location : 
The Sayan House
Jl. Raya Sayan no.70
62 361 4792592

Reservation :

Opening Hours :
12.00 - 15.00 (Lunch)
17.00 - 22.00 (Dinner)
17.00 - 23.00 (Bar)

Price Range :
35k - 380k
Average Spending 
250k (per pax)

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