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EatWell is on of restaurant in Seminyak area that offers a great selection of quality steaks, burgers, and grills with generous portion. One of our favorite is EatWell's Sirloin Steak (85k). It's a 200gr marinated Australian sirloin steak served with potato as the side dish, creamy sauted spinach, and blue cheese sauce. You can choose your steak cooked level; well done, medium, or medium rare. The waiters will ask you as well for the meat sauce, do you prefer using barbecue sauce or just cooked with salt and pepper. The portion was generous, and the meat quality is very good, juicy and very tempting. Even when we entered the restaurant, our appetites are already builded up just by smelling the steak smokes.

Location :
Eat Well Bali
Jl. Basangkasa no. 36
62 361 737745

Open Hours :
12.00 - 23.00

Price Range:
20k - 160k
Average Spending :

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