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Lamb Biryani

Newest addition to Go!Curry Bali, Lamb Biryani! The spices is mild and not too strong. So its a safe try even for you who usually can't eat biryani. Only 145k for regular size and 104k for small size. You can also ordered chicken as a topping instead of lamb (110k regular size, 79k small size). And the good thing about Go! Curry is that you can choose your level of spiciness.

Go!Curry has several kinds of curry to choose. from Japanese to the one closest to Indian type of curry. The concept of go curry is they let the customers to choose how they want the curry. Divided in 4 simple steps, we can customize our curry.

Chicken Katsu with Long Grain Rice and Red Curry in hot level (69k)

Step 1
Choose your curry.
Go!Curry has brown curry, green curry, red curry, yellow curry, and rogan josh curry.

Step 2
Choose your spiciness
Start from mild, medium, hot, very hot, to insanely hot. what's your favorite?

Step 3
Choose your rice
Go!Curry has 3 different types of rice; long grain rice, cilantro butter rice, aromatic yellow rice. you can ordered extra rice just by added 15k more. Besides rice, you can change the rice to Naan by adding 10k more. you can choose between plain, garlic, or butter naan.

Step 4
The last steps is choose your toppings. 
The price of your meals is depends on what you choose for your toppings. Go!Curry has several toppings. Our favorite are Tandoor Chicken Tikka (69k) and Zesty Cheese Chicken (69k). They also have a vegetarian options.

Here we have Zesty Cheese Chicken (69k) with Green Curry. The curry rice looked very much appealing and didn't came with overpowering smells of curry and well seasoned. Nice combination from green curry and zesty cheese chicken, and you can enjoying dipping the naan into curry sauce.

Zesty Cheese Chicken with green curry (69k)

Besides curry, Go!Curry also has pastas selections. here we have Chicken Aglio Olio (76k) Actually the original menu is Lamb Aglio Olio, but for you who don't eat lamb, you can ask the waiters to change the meat. 

Aglio Olio (76k)

It's not eating curry without naan. We have Cheese naan (30k). it's a traditional Flat-Bread filled melted cheese and freshly baked in a clay oven.

Cheese Naan (30k)

Location :
Beachwalk Ground Floor
Jl. Raya Pantai Kuta,
Ph. 62 361 8464872

Opening Hours :
10.00 - 22.00

Price Range :
25k - 145k
Average Spending :

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