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After a terrible event and a long hiatus, Gosha Kitchen & Patisserie is finally re-born from the ashes. Still at the same location, but with a new face. The place is more spacious and chic with a touch of wood & black color. And also artsy with wall murals. And they also having a second floor to accomodate more customers. The quality of the food is as good as we can remember from our last visit before the renovation. We believe that Gosha Kitchen Patisserie can be the new "it" place in Denpasar.

Our all time favorite is this Gosha Kitchen Patiess 's BBQ Sausages (35k). It came along with salad and potatoes. For the potatoes, you can choose between french fries or mashed potatos. We are definitely love the barbecue sauce on the sausages. Very addictive.

BBQ Sausages (35k)

BBQ Sausages (35k)

Treat your self with Gosha Kitchen Patisserie's homemade gelato (15k). choose your flavor and cone color.

Location :
Gosha Kitchen Patisserie
Jl. Tukad Gangga no. 8, Denpasar
62 361 256224

Open hours :
09.00 - 22.00 (Monday - Thursday)
09.00 - 23.00 (Friday - Sunday)

Price Range :
15k - 65k
Average Spending :

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