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This place is a hidden restaurant at Jl Nakula, means you must drive slowly to find it. All their menu is friendly for people who don't really comfortable with strong Japanese taste, especially for first timer. The price is really affordable. We try Rice Salted Salmon with green tea soup (40k) very unique when you try eat the rice with green tea soup. So good and tasty. 

They are also provides speciality drinks; Homemade Japanese sugar cane shochu (medium strenght vodka like spirit) 40k by glass and 230k by bottle. Perfect place for private hangout and drinking with your buddies. You can take home this shochu too. They have sochu shop besides their restaurant, so you can just drop by or check at www.wildcockvodka.com 

Location :
K22 izakaya 
Managed by Ryoshi
Jl. Nakula Timur No. 6

Open hours :
17.00 - 23.00

Price range :
25k - 300k
Average spending :

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