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Dear coffee lovers, we found this coffee place in Denpasar called Tukang Kopi. It might not a fancy coffee shop, it's more like a street coffee place. But don't worry, the quality of the coffee is as good as those fancy coffee shop. They grind the coffee beans by them self and they are only using local (indonesian) coffee beans.

The price is very affordable. The venue is very casual, the barista is using a cart and all the customers are sitting on the floor. The crowd is good, somehow Tukang Kopi is like a melting pot for a lot of people from creative industry. On monday to wednesday, they provide an acoustic band to jam and entertain the customer. Here is Taro latte (14k) and coffee latte (10k). Taste of sumptuous coffee with a price of street food.

Location :
Tukang Kopi
Jl. Pulau Saelus

Open Hours :
20.00 - 02.00 (last order)

Price Range :
10k - 14k
Average Spending :

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