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What's good to have in this hot weather is this paletas by Paletas Wey! Paleta is Latin American ice pop made from fresh fruit. The name comes from "palo" means stick. Here they have 4 categories: Fruity (20k), Creamy (25k), Premium (30k), and Gold (35k). Each one of them is have many flavor that you can choose. And don't worry, it's all made with healthy ingredients, fresh fruit, and less sugar. Guilt Free! 

If you want something to fresh you up, you can try this watermelon paletas (20k) with lime on the bottom Or this seasonal mango paletas (30k) made from pure mango, even you can taste a lil bit mango texture on it. It's all made with healthy ingredients so it's guilt free! And if you're student, you'll get a discount as well. 

Location :
Paletas Wey
Jl. Mertanadi no.12, Seminyak
(in front of sunset point)

Open hours :
10.00 - 22.30

Price Range :
20k - 35k
Average Spending :

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