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If you looking for a good place for breakfast, lunch, coffee, or a place to check your email and do some light works with your laptop, We know a place that fulfill your wish. Nebula Petitenget it is. Located in the heart of Petitenget area, you can easily reach there by walking from your hotel or by any vehicles. 

They have the same menu with their sisters, Nebula Room Kuta, but you'll feel different ambiance here. Instead of using a colorful interior like their sister, Nebula Petitenget try to be more simple and modern with it's monochromatic interior design an minimalistic architecture. You'll find a lot of glass, skylight, white and grey walls, and monochromatic upholstery.

Talking about the food, in here they have a good menu for breakfast called "Bowl of Heaven" (65k - 80k). It's a healthy, organic, and sugar free smoothie bowl for your daily routine. They have 7 different varieties, while you can still add your favorite extra toppings. 

Still from the healthy choices, you can choose from their salad menu. Here we're having this Mediteranian Salad (53k). It's a mixed of quinoa, arugula, avocado, tomato, olive, spinach, corn, lemon, balsamic/olive oil dressing, and a slice of bread. It served fresh and deffinitely a good choice if you're trying to eat healthy. If you're planning to ordered another food, you can share this with your friends. 

We also having this Thai Fried rice with pork belly (65k). It's a fried rice, cooked with crispy pork belly, served with fried egg, crackers, and pickles. If you're up to eat carbs, this deffinitely a go to choice.

We asked to the staff for recommended dishes, they suggested us to have this Chicken Wrap (63k). We didn't disappointed. It was great and very tasty. It's a crispy chicken with jalapeno, onion, avocado, tomato, lettuce, and homemade dressing wrap in a thin soft bread. Careful if you're not an heavy eater. This menu came in a big portion. You'll get 2 separated wraps and you can share it with your friends.

Since we came in a very hot afternoon, we want something fresh to sooth our thirst. Our choice is go to this Very Berry Smoothie (40k) and Honey Bee (35k). Very Berry Smoothie is a mix of blueberry, raspberry, and yogurt milk. And Honey bee is a mix of orange, ginger, mint, lime and honey. Besides juices and smoothies, Nebula Petitenget is also known for its good coffee. From espresso, latte, macchiato, cappuccino, etc.

Nebula Petitenget is definitely a great choice to eat while you're in the area.

Location :
Nebula Petitenget
Jl. lebak Sari No. 18,
Petitenget, Seminyak

Open Hours :
07.00 - 23.00

Price Range :
15k - 155k
Average Price :

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